Why Auction?
When someone has decided to move, is settling an estate, or downsizing in property, one of the first questions we are often asked is “Why should I sell my property at auction?”


The answer: auctions work!  An auction creates urgency like nothing else. When selling something at auction, a potential buyer knows they can either buy today or lose the opportunity. A well organized auction brings all potential buyers together on sale day, competing against each other to be the highest bidder, thus driving the price up!  Auctions represent a $150 billion per year industry… and growing.  Auction marketing is often the preferred method of sale in South Central Kentucky and offers many opportunities and advantages listed below…


Advantages of the auction method
  • Focused advertising attracts attention

  • Property sells in a timely manner with a specific sale date

  • Seller stays in control – the terms are set by the seller and seller has final say as to price

  • Prepared, motivated buyers & new unexpected buyers

  • Urgency and competition is created. Anyone interested must act on sale day

  • Neighboring property owners are forced to act, if they don’t someone else will

  • Increased demand and price resulting from Buyer vs. Buyer competition

  • Sale price is often higher than originally expected by seller

  • There are no negotiations, terms of sale are predetermined and set by seller with limited liability as property sells as-is with no warranties

  • Expedient closing – high holding costs are avoided such as utilities, maintenance, taxes, and insurance


Why Elmore Realty & Auction?


Trust – this is only earned by consistently achieving positive results, honestly and with integrity. Since 1935, through  positive results, honesty, and integrity, we have earned and maintained a level of the public’s trust that is unprecedented in the auction field. Our reputation and experience in the auction field has solidified us as “the auction specialists."


At Elmore Realty & Auction we offer 150+ years of combined proven experience in the South Central Kentucky area.  We provide significant experience and expertise in marketing real estate (farmland, commercial & residential), estate contents, farm/construction machinery, antiques, collectibles, and tools. Our clients range from estates, individuals, attorneys, banks, and businesses

If you’re thinking about selling your property, give us a call. We would love to sit down and discuss your options, with no obligation to you.  It does make a difference who sells your property, there is no substitution for experience!

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